InBody Composition Analysis: $15                     

No Appointment Necessary!

Body composition is a method of describing what the body is made of, including fat protein, minerals and body water. It’s also describes weight more accurately than BMI. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass and body fat percentage. This can help validate services like personal training and physical therapy.

Build Your Foundation of Health: $150

Everyone starts here.

Need to lose body-fat? Feel better? Learn more about nutrition and healthy lifestyle? Improve symptoms, such as digestive complaints, hormone imbalance, stress symptoms?

Let’s figure out together where you are at with your health, and where you want to go. 

Walk away with:

    • A complete metabolic and functional health assessment
    • a simple, one day meal plan
    • a healing diet food list and serving recommendations
    • supplement recommendations
    • key lifestyle changes
    • InBody body composition report, macros and calorie baseline
    • Learn the principles of alkalinity/acidity
    • Inflammation, what it is, and how to fix it

Follow Up Appointments: $55 for ½ hour;  $95 for hour

Accountability Health Coaching Package

Your health HAS to be a priority if it’s going to change. You might know what to do, but struggle with the execution and follow-thru.  Let us help you!

  • Topics We Cover: Menu Planning, Out to Eat and Travel, Nutrient Density, Stress Management, Exercise, Fasting
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Must fill out an Online Weekly Form, Due on Fridays

One Month $195 or 3 Months $549

  • Two in-store appointments a month
  • Two 30 minute phone consults a month
  • Weekly Accountability Online Form due weekly on Fridays

Family Health Coaching: $85 hour

Healthy, safe, and non-stressful weight loss for children and teenagers, family meal planning, family meal planning, special/food allergy diets.

Cooking Classes: 2 hours, $75 per person

  • 4 person minimum, 8 person maximum
  • You can create the group – price breaks available based on number of attendees.
  • Learn how to make fast and easy clean meals.
  • The key is knowing how to prepare vegetables and lean protein (timing, texture, and taste profile).
  • Put together a simple weekly menu that works for your lifestyle.
  • Quick, nutrient-dense smoothies and snacks. 

14-Day Meal Plan

  • 14 days of meals/snacks designed by a nutritionist based on your InBody results
  • Program Cost is $59 for the customized meal plan + cost of food.
  • Food Cost:  $30-$35 a day
  • Here’s What’s Included:
    •      2 InBody tests — at the start and end of the 14 days
    •      A 14-day meal plan
    •      Healthy, nutrient-balanced & delicious meals
    •      An appointment with nutritionist Sarah Treat at the end of your program — “AFTER  the 14 Days PLAN”
    •      Food Pick Up Days: Wednesday and Saturday

Are You Ready to Get Started?

  • Tell us your goals, lifestyle habits, food ‘likes’ and ‘not likes’
  • Do an InBody Body Composition test
  • Review menu
  • Confirm your first pick up day!
    *Allow at least 48 hours to get meals ready for first pick-up*

Personal Chef Services

    • Free 30 minute consultation with Sarah to discuss needs
    • $60 per hour fee for menu planning + Cost of Food
    • Pick up food on Monday
    • Delivery is an option and available on request


Coming Soon!