Nutritionist Designed 14 Day Meal Plans

No cooking. No planning. No grocery shopping. Customized for you.

Here's How it Work's!

Here is How It Works

14 days of meals/snacks designed by a nutritionist based on your InBody results

Program Cost is FREE for the month of September for the customized meal plan + cost of food.

Food Cost:  $30-$35 a day

Food Pick Up Days: Wednesday and Saturday

What you get:

2 InBody tests — at the start and end of the 14 days.

A 14-day meal plan

Healthy, nutrient-balanced & delicious meals

An appointment with nutritionist Sarah Treat at the end of your program — “AFTER  the 14 Days PLAN”

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Stop by the store or give us a call at 210-455-7892

Tell us your goals, lifestyle habits, food ‘likes’ and ‘not likes’

Do an InBody Body Composition test

Review menu

 Confirm your first pick up day!
*Allow at least 48 hours to get meals ready for first pick-up*